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Nancy is co-host with Vincent J. Barra on his internet radio show- Psychic Synapse. It's a call-in show with listeners all around the world. AchieveRadio.com Every Thursday-2:00 Eastern time...11:00 Pacific.
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Nancy Howard-Gray a Naturally Gifted Clear Channel Intuitive, has a deep bond with her twin sister who passed over at birth. All her life, she has had a divine spiritual connection with her sister. She considers her both an inspiration and a psychic guide who provides incredible dimensions for her personal readings.

“'I believe my twin sister who passed on helps me during the readings by connecting me with my client’s Guardian Angel and their Over Soul.”

Nancy Howard-Gray, who possesses a highly developed gift of psychic accuracy, has help thousands of people from all walks of life to understand the true meaning of their Soul's Journey through this life. Many have said,

"A reading with her is truly a gift for enlightenment and a wonderful tool for my road to self-growth and self-discovery"

Every soul in creation has a Guardian Angel and an Over Soul. The Over Soul is considered by many to be the Master Soul; some call it the Higher Self. Before incarnating into the Physical Plane of Existence a soul communes with their Over Soul mapping out the Karmic lessons that are needed to learn in order to fully complete your earthly destiny. Once you understand your “Path” and the true purpose of your mission, your life takes on a richer deeper meaning and your existence becomes more peaceful.... more soulful.

After completing her academic studies, Nancy Howard-Gray chose to follow several creative career paths early in life, including the world of Performing Arts and Professional Photography. Within just a few short years her photos gathered her acclaimed credits and awards including the Bergen Record Newspaper and the prestigious Kodak International Award. Her insightful and imaginative still photos have been utilized in theatrically released films and within the television industry.

Throughout the years, Nancy's talents in art has traveled many paths. Because of a deep soul connection to Native American Indians and their culture, Nancy spent years painting portraits of various tribes members. In her own unique style she used large wooden blocks as her canvas. They have been featured and sold in galleries on both the west and east coast.

Nancy has created hand painted clothing sold in boutiques around the country. Her clothing has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine and was worn by George Carlin during a Tonight Show appearance.

For over twenty-five years, a devout student of the Metaphysical Arts, Nancy has studied Astrology and many other forms of divination. She has also focused on different modalities of healing including Reiki. She believes that the road to ones success is self-empowerment and a clear understanding of the Supernatural and Spiritual worlds.

Nancy Howard-Gray possesses a high degree of Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Clairvoyant capabilities that will astonish you during her readings. Since returning to a Metaphysical Path, Nancy has been providing Psychic Counseling services, and finds it particularly gratifying when assisting a person to understand issues of empowerment and interpersonal relationships.

Combining her Psychic Talents with Astrology and Numerology Nancy provides her clients insightful answers to all current situations and a glimpse into their future. Her predictions are more than 90% accurate.

“Nancy's reading was incredible, she has a gift that gave
me a glimpse into my future”

Why have a Psychic Reading?

A Psychic Reading with Nancy will help you to navigate through difficult times of your life and empower you by helping to realize the opportunities you may be overlooking. Her Readings provide vital information and messages that can enlighten you concerning all life areas, including relationships, health, diet, career and prosperity. Nancy says,

“ My mission is to help my clients achieve and receive
the best out of their life”

Nancy Howard-Gray is available for private readings either by phone or in person.

Her phone clients based all over the world, will attest to the validity of working with her in this fashion. The process of "plugging into Spirit" is the same whether you're sitting across from her or across the country via telephone.



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